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Think You're Pregnant?


Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be confusing and overwhelming, even when you have a strong network of support around you. It gets even harder when you are alone.

Our client advocates are here to listen. We are available to discuss all your options – abortion, adoption, and parenting – in a caring, safe, respectful environment.

All our services are free and confidential. We serve clients regardless of age, gender, sexual identity or orientation, race, or religion.

Call or email us to make an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.

The Morning After Pill: How It Works

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex or the condom broke, you may be wondering about the morning-after pill (Emergency Contraception).

In Canada, the Morning After Pill, known as Plan B or Norlevo, is reported to work in one of several ways depending on where you are at in your menstrual cycle. These medications can work by stopping ovulation, blocking sperm from joining with an egg or preventing a fertilized egg from implanting (some may consider this an early abortion). These medications do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and there are potential risks and side effects to be considered. 


Your best care is always through your doctor. Anytime you take medication, it is best to be informed about possible side effects and risks. 


If you are unsure about this decision or would just like someone to talk to, contact us. We are not a medical facility, but we can educate you, answer some questions, and help you process your thoughts and emotions.


It is important to note that the morning-after pill and the abortion pill are NOT the same thing. If you’re looking for more information on the abortion pill, please talk to a medical professional.


I’ve already used Emergency Contraception. Do I still need a pregnancy test? Come in for a pregnancy test if your period:

•Does not start within 3 weeks 

•Is more than 7 days later than expected 

•Is much lighter than usual 

The Morning After Pill

She’s Pregnant.
Now What? 


You were so careful...this wasn’t supposed to happen. Now you’re facing being a father, and you’re terrified.


If she is pregnant, this changes everything. You like her, but are you ready for this? What choices, if any, do you have? What are your rights? What will be expected of you? 


We’re not just here for her—we're here for you, too! We are available to support you while assisting you in unpacking your concerns. 

She's Pregnant

Our Support Services

  • Free Pregnancy Tests

  • Options Support

  • Parenting Support & Mentoring

  • Prenatal Education

  • Post-Abortion Grief Support

  • Care Closet (up to 24 months if available)

All our services are free and confidential.

Finding out if you are pregnant or not can be overwhelming. We offer free on-site pregnancy testing with the support of a client advocate in a safe, confidential, caring and compassionate environment.

We understand that this is a big deal; it can be scary, especially if you were not expecting to be pregnant right now. You are facing one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and any choice will change your life.

You don`t need accusations, lectures, simplistic advice, and pressures to decide quickly and 'get on with life.'

You need a safe place offering clarity and practical support. Ultimately, you will have to decide what choice you're willing to live with. No one else can make that decision for you.

We believe you desire to make choices based on what you know is best for you. To do so,  it is important to have all the information you need to make your decision.

We are here for you – whatever choice you make.


The information on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice. 

We are not a medical facility. Although the pregnancy tests used are very accurate, results should be confirmed by a medical professional. In addition, Compassion Place does not perform abortions, give referrals for abortion services or assist in arranging abortions and abortifacients. Our services are meant to complement, not replace, professional medical care. 

Our Support Services

Your Options



Our trained Client Advocates are available to discuss with you any questions you may have regarding abortion, barriers to continuing a pregnancy, risks associated with abortion, and alternatives to abortion.

There are many things to consider. It’s important for you to determine what is best for you, now and in the future. It’s vital to get all the information you can. You have a right to get all the facts. Take the time you need to equip yourself to make your best decision. We are here to help you understand all your options so that you can make an informed decision. It is your pregnancy, your right to know, and your decision. We are committed to providing you with caring emotional support, no matter what you decide.

Some women believe abortion is their best and only option. Other women feel pressured by others to consider abortion. We are here to help you sort through your thoughts, feelings and questions.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options further.


If any of these statements describe how you’re feeling, then adoption is a choice to consider:

-I want more for my baby than I can give right now.

-I don’t know how I’m going to manage.

-I would do anything to give my child a good life, but I have things to accomplish before I’m ready to parent.

You might have questions like, “What if that family doesn’t take good care of my baby?”. or “What if I live the rest of my life wondering what happened to my child?”

These are normal questions, but they don’t necessarily mean adoption isn’t right for you. All they prove is that you already have maternal feelings for that baby inside of you. It means you are already becoming a loving mother, whether you will raise your child or entrust them to a loving adoptive family. Adoption has changed. You have choices. If you are considering adoption, or just want to learn more about the adoption process to see if it’s right for you, please contact us.



Being a parent can be one of life’s most rewarding, yet challenging experiences. The thought of being a parent can be overwhelming, especially if the news of your pregnancy is unexpected. Caring for a new life is a big responsibility.

Many people would like to be parents at some point in their lives. Although the timing and current situation may not be what you pictured, your pregnancy still offers you the opportunity to experience the joy of becoming a parent.

There are several different kinds of parenting options available, such as with a spouse, joint-parenting, joint custody and single parenting, whether alongside family, siblings, friends or independently. We can help you understand and realistically evaluate your options.

If you think that parenting might be an option for you, but you have concerns about baby supplies and your parenting skills, there is help available. We can share information with you on prenatal care, childbirth, newborn and parenting support, in addition to helping you access a wide range of community resources that are available to you. We can help you.

Your Options
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